Donnie Phair Photography | About

Hello and welcome to my website.


I hope you find something to please you in the 1000's of images available to view here.


I'm a Photographer having in the past worked for The Fermanagh Herald Newspaper and also Freelance in Commercial, Press/Newspaper, Music, Event, Public Relations/PR, Landscape, Sports, Wedding and the odd Special Occasion.

I've been into photography for years now and I have to say I love everything about it. My first proper SLR Camera was the Canon EOS 300 film camera and the bug got me. I moved to digital when it became more affordable and after a chance encounter with, Ray Sanderson, from the Fermanagh Herald newspaper, I began working for paper and it's sister publications on a continual basis. I have since left the Herald having covered anything and everything for seven years and currently I work freelance.  I excel at sport but in the past I've covered all sorts of events from community fun days to states visits and everything in between.

I have an Archive of thousands of Photos from my Press work which is growing into a massive Library of Images and hopefully someone you know and love will be among these. I update the photos every week so keep an eye on it from time to time and you should see something you'll like. You'll also see photos that didn't appear in any publications too - I usually take too many!

Not content to leave the photography there I love other aspects but my two main focus areas are Landscapes and Music. My Landscape Photography is purely about capturing the beauty of something, the Music, capturing the raw power of the performer.