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Rhys Reihill Duffy Helping Hand Foundation

Rhys is a happy wee guy.  I've known him since he was born about four and a half years ago.  To him, I'm his big crazy uncle Donnie, to me, he's a fun loving, run about the house question-asking nephew.  He's like any other wee man his age - getting into trouble, helping his Daddy fix cars, quads, playing with his baby brother Finn and loads more.  Rhys is also at the age where he starts to notice things too.  Recently he noticed that he's different from other children and it's not that girls are not the same as boys but that everyone else can do things he cannot.  Rhys was born with Schizencephaly, it's form of Cerebral Palsy.  One of the consequences of the condition meant that Rhys was born with one arm.  In fact, he has no shoulder either.  

I love the little guy.  It's great to see him running about and playing.  I cringe though constantly when he's about.  It's not great to admit that but when you see him trip and fall and have only one arm to stop himself from hitting the ground it sends a shiver down my spine.  It's also hard to watch him have to grapple with toys and things we all take for granted.  I often find myself trying to do things such as butter bread with one hand just to get an insight into what the wee guy will have to do for himself and it's not easy.  Buttering bread when you can't steady the slice with one hand while you run the knife over it isn't easy.  Try it for yourself.

Things did come to a head for him recently.  Rhys was in a play area in one of those buildings with slides, climbing-frames, jungle-gyms etc.  I can't name the location as it's not the building that affected him but rather the people in it.  His parents, Niall and Michelle, were close by with their other son Finn when Michelle watched in horror as the other children put Rhys to the ground and dragged him around by his one arm.  Obviously Michelle and Niall were outraged and in shock.  The little guy knew he was different from the other children but this just singled him out.  It brought it crashing home.  Any questions he had asked his mother and father about why he was different paled in comparison.  Having spent the last number of years wondering what the future held in store for Rhys this single moment gave them the big push to get something done regarding a prosthetic limb.  That's where you and I come in.  I'm doing my bit to help, meagre though it is.  I'm just asking you if you could do the same.  At this time tickets are for sale for a raffle to help buy a prosthetic arm that is tailored just for him.  It will allow Rhys to do things such a drink in one hand while he eats with another, to walk straight as the weight of one arm causes his spine to twist and contort as all the loading is on one side of his body and it make even allow him to butter a slice of bread without having to jam it up against the wall in the kitchen.  It may even may help him feel normal in the company of other children.

Tickets are currently on sale for a raffle to be held this week in the Corner House, Lisnaskea on Friday 17th April but there are other things going on too.  Check out the Facebook page here for new events and information.  There are loads of wee things going on as people try and help the wee guy out.

If you wish to donate directly you can do so by bank transfer using the following details:

Sort Code: 90-33-06   Account Number 89273821    IBAN IE37BOF190330689273821 BIC BOFIIE2D. 




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Ciara McDonald - Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer is something that's not swayed by age, sex or creed.  We've all been touched by it.  I've lost loved ones myself and watched them succumb to it's affects.  It's a devastating illness in all it's forms and when we hear the word "Cancer" it is met with dread and a chilling coldness.

This week however, I photographed a young woman named Ciara McDonald for the Fermanagh Herald.  Ciara, in the midst of doing her exams in school, found out four months ago that she has Cancer in the shape of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  I could go on about the cancer itself but the details of the disease were over-shadowed by the bravery and attitude by the lady in question.  Although brimming with tears at times when she talked about how it affected her family and how those closest to her reacted, Ciara showed remarkable courage in the face of it all.  Having felt angry to begin with, Ciara finally came to terms with it much of it due to the support of her family, friends and boyfriend, Niall.  Her sister even greets her with "Hello baldy" to keep things light in the house when for so many the shadow of cancer can be unrelenting.  Although a timid girl, Ciara has showed remarkable strength of character with the burden that has been placed upon her. 

I listened intently as Fermanagh Herald journalist, Gareth McKeown, interviewed her.  As they chatted back and forth I found myself respecting her more and more.  I should say at this point I've known Ciara for some years now and I found it more than uncomfortable at times to hear her story.  With the interview done I was only to glad to bring Ciara and her father, Paddy, to Crom Estate just outside Newtownbutler for a few photos.  As ever, Ciara showed a depth to her and she braved the wind and biting cold to get some brilliant images.  We laughed, she giggled, Paddy held the reflector and we had a ball.  It was one of the easiest shoots I've ever done although Ciara's natural beauty and personality were what really made it.  I felt privledged to have been in her company that day and in the few minutes we had to grab the photos I think we came away with some beauties.

Thank you Ciara.

Thanks also to Sharon Sey from the National Trust at Crom Estate who allowed us to photograph on their beautiful grounds.

To view more images of Ciara just click here.


Ciara McDonaldCiara McDonaldCiara McDonald from Lisnaskea who is undergoing treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.



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FLive Festival FLive/Fermanagh Live Festival


What a success the FLive festival was.  Full houses in the Ardhowen Theatre, Level 7 Packed out with Dirty Flirty Thirty, Pat McManus rocking out the Bush and Vladimir Jablokov and his sister Olga bringing some classical music to St. Michael's Church among the many other events and exhibitions.  I was at most of the events myself and found myself loving each and every one.  They all brought their own flavour and distinct artistic endeavour.  Classical music may have ascended to the rafters in St. Michaels but Pat McManus blew the roof of the Bush with some hard rock.  Poetry was softly spoken in St. Michael's Crypt but the yawping witty comedy of The Quare Land was at times brash and loud.  The Festival had it's contrasts but it truly did have something for everyone.  Even if someone wasn't exactly up your street you would appreciate what was in front of you. 

The Festival itself allows me to get a little arty with the Photography which I love but it also brings new experiences and people that I may not of had the pleasure to meet or photograph before.  David Meade was one such person.  A mentalist, he has his own series on BBC One, but a joy to talk to - if you can get a word in sideways and he also put on a great show. 

The Quare Land, penned by John McManus and acted by Shane Carroll and a poor Seamus O'Rourke who remained in a bath the entire time, was a great highlight for me.  Brilliant acting, a witty script and fair lighting made it a real joy for me.  Dirty Flirty Thirty was another play which I really got a buzz from.  Although very dark - the lighting, not the subject, I loved it's humour. 

Artwork in the Higher Bridges Gallery, Portora Royal School and various other venues brought what most people think of when you mention art to someone to Enniskillen.  Award winning photography which really caught my attention was available to view and still is as I write this in Waterways Ireland and the Belmore Court Motel.  Striking images of people, places and sports adorned the walls and in fact gave me twinges of jealousy but also gave me someone to aspire to.

All in all, I loved it.  It was exhausting running here, there and everywhere but each venue and each event gave me someone new to work with and/or enjoy.  I can't wait to see what they have lined up next year and look forward to it whether I'm photographing it or not.  It is a great Festival and it is over-looked as most people think of Art as pretentious but they couldn't be more wrong.  I found everyone really approachable, friendly and generous in nature.  If you get a chance, check it out, it might just open your eyes to new interests.


The Quare Land by John McManus in the Ardhowen Theatre.The Quare Land by John McManus in the Ardhowen Theatre.Shane Carroll and Seamus O'Rourke in The Quare Land; A play by John McManus and shown in the Ardhowen Theatre. DP10

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FLive Festival in Fermanagh The FLive or Fermanagh Live Festival as it used to be known got off to a great sunny start today as the sun beamed down upon the Dragon parade in which local children followed the Dragon up to the Dimaond in Enniskillen and then put on a play reenacting the Tojan Horse for a large onlooking crowd.  The children loved the attention and it was great to see the shoppers pause and watch the entertainment.  It certainly did put a smile on everyones faces.  Having provided everyone with their brilliant acting ability the children and adults returned to Enniskillen Castle for some treats and games.  Archery, painting, swing boats, ice-cream, candy-floss and loads more were on offer.  The museum was open to let everyone explore and young and old found something of interest to make them smile.

The Dragon Parade is only one of numerous events happening over the coming week with other events such as Pat McManus in the Bush Bar, Vladimir Jablokov in the Ardhowen Theatre, Yankee Panky, Cinemagic Workshops, Circus School and loads more.  Check out their website which has loads of my photos here!  I can't speak highly enough of this Festival as it covers a broad base of artistic endeavours and has something to suit.  Personally I'm really looking forward to TV Mentalist,  David Meade.  He's a real gentleman but he comes loaded with surprises with the first one being is that he is taller than you'd think!


Launch of Fermanagh Live / FLive Festival with Mentalist David Meade.Launch of Fermanagh Live / FLive Festival with Mentalist David Meade.TV Mentalist, David Meade.

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Sevens For Sam What a great day and evening was had in Brewster Park for Sam Bradley.  Sam who suffers from Neuroblastoma is son of Ex-Fermanagh GAA Player, Colm Bradley, and his wife, Michelle.  Needless to say the GAA community got around this wee fella and played a Seven Aside GAA Tournament in aid of his charity, "Together for Sam".  Retired Players from Fermanagh, Tyrone, Antrim, Mayo, Monaghan, Cavan, Donegal, Armagh and Colms' own club, the Enniskillen Gaels, dusted off their old boots, pulled on their jerseys and had the best time of their life.  There were All-Ireland winning players and All-Star players galore for the public to watch battle on the field once again with some household names of Joe Brolly, Peter Canavan and Jarlath Burns to name but three. 

Although for charity, the players themselves found the compeditive streak returning to them.  I witnessed the Cavan men calling to eachother to discuss tactics and even Joe Brolly who wasn't long after donating a kidney, played hard at times and even took the ref, Martin Higgins, out of it at one stage!  Sure, some of them may have been packing a few extra pounds since their glory days but they proved they still had it as they placed the ball over the bar or into the back of the net, time and time again.  I felt privledged to be in the company of such men and was grateful that I could share the field with them even though it was behind a camera.  I can only hope we do it all again soon.  You can view all the photos I took here with loads from the final between Derry and Antrim.

Together For Sam Website.

Seven's for Sam Tournament - Together For Sam.Seven's for Sam Tournament - Together For Sam.Sam Bradley and Dad Colm. DP66

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The Kilkennys Having fairly recently upgraded my camera equipment I couldn't wait to use them to photograph musicians in action.  The Kilkennys are a Trad group who I've photographed before and who just happened to be appearing at the Ardhowen Theatre in Enniskillen.  I know Davey and Robbie from the group fairly well and they, as ever, were up for it.  The Ardhowen can be quite dark with uneven lighting on the performers as a downside but the ability to get up close and personal while hiding in the wings is a real bonus.  I could only stay a while as it was my daughter's First Communion the next day so I had to prepare for that but I managed to grab some good images before I had to leave.  I normally prefer the end of the night shots as performers tend to get really energetic just before the curtain draws closed and they be covered in sweat and really hammer on the guitar strings those last few songs but when you gotta go, you gotta go!  I hope you enjoy the shots I did get.  All the Photos can be viewed here.


Davey Cashin of The Kilkennys points his way to the future.The Kilkennys in The Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen.

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Sam Bradley - Together For Sam I recently had the pleasure of meeting wee Sam Bradley.  I know his Dad Colm quite well as we both work for the Fermanagh Herald Newspaper.  Colm is a bit of a sports nut and loves the GAA Football among other sporting endeavours - maybe that's why he's the Sports Editor!  Sam shows the same distinct love for a moving ball which was plain to be seen when we met up at Florencecourt House for some photos.  He wouldn't let the ball out of his sight and love to kick and throw it.  A Sportstar in the making no doubt.  Someday he'll battle on the GAA Field for Club and County like his Dad Colm used to do but for now he'll have to battle an aggressive Cancer called Neuroblastoma.  Only five or so people get it in the whole of Nothern Ireland per year and Sam was diagnosed with it eariler this year. 

Sam has commenced a year long course of Chemotherapy with a possibility of receiving more outside Ireland.  This is where he needs your help.  Treatment and all the things that go along with it are not cheap.  If you find yourself wanting to know more about the wee man himself and are considering Donating please visit Sam's new Website Together For Sam.  It'll be kept up to date with news and how Sam is getting on.  It'll even tell you how he's getting on with his brand new baby brother Jake. 


Sam BradleySam Bradley and Family

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The Strypes THE STRYPES are a four piece band hailing from Cavan which pumps out a mixture of Rhythm and Blues with some Rock thrown in.  Tipped to be the next big thing I had the pleasure to meet and then listen to these guys last year.  I was actually blown away by their technical ability and raw talent which would have been outstanding if these guys were in their middle thirties having played the clubs for years but these guys are only 14 to 16 years of age!  People compare them to the Beatles but having listened to them they have a shade of early AC/DC in their too when Bon Scott was at the helm.  NME predicts them to be the next big thing, Elton John went to watch them play a small pub in Brighton, Peter Weller, Jeff Beck and Glen Hansard are known fans and The Strypes have signed a record deal just before Christmas with Mercury Records.  To state that these four lads are on the up and up is too obvious but they are tinkering on the edge of making it massive.  Their style of music will appeal to a broad base of fans as it's not too heavy, not too light and gets your foot thumping.  Personally, I can't wait to meet up with these guys again.  They showed class the first time around and I'm left wanting more. 

The Strypes Website can be found here.  Listen to some of their music here.  View the Photos I took of them here.

"The Strypes", Strypes, "The Strypes Music", "The Styrpes Photos", The Strypes

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Blandings coming to BBC 1 on Sunday 13th Jan FINALLY!

BLANDINGS starring Timothy Spall, Jennifer Saunders, Jack Farthing, Mark Williams while also including David Walliams, Paloma Faith, David Bamber and Emerald Fennell is going to be screened on BBC1 on the 13th January. 

Filmed locally at Crom Estate and in Crom Castle itself which in itself is a major accomplishment for Fermanagh the series is also bolstered with extras from the local area making it a must-see for anyone from Fermanagh to see if they can spot family members doing their bit and becoming immortalised on screen, albeit the small screen.  My own brother Rodney will no doubt appear - watch out for him as he pulls a face as he sees a car drive up the driveway for the first time!

The Comedy will no doubt be witty as it's based on the PG Wodehouse series of books and adpated by Guy Andrews who is also known for "Lost in Austen".  It was also Directed by Paul Seed who directed the BAFTA winning "Just William" and produced by Spencer Campbell renowed for "Cold Feet" and "Mad Dogs".  With such talent involved it promises to be a quality show and not just a glimmer of what could have been.

With such a fine production by the BBC who seemed to have trhown everything at it and the books having such a following, Crom Estate and Fermanagh in general will be placed squarely on the map for fans.  It will also draw the attention of the local community who may have over-looked the beauty the Crom Estate has to offer.  The Spring and Summer of the National Trust grounds and the dark looming Castle should be it's busiest ever.  I look forward to seeing new faces and watching as people point out places where the series was filmed.  It will be a great thrill to see people come to enjoy a place I love and spend so much of my time in.  Crom Estate is such a treasure to Fermanagh and I think this is the opportunity we have been waiting for.

Blandings, BBC1, Sunday 13th January at 6.30pm


"Crom Estate", Crom Castle", Blandings, "PG Wodehouse", BBC1, Crom Castle and The Turf House.

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The High Kings in The Ardhowen Theatre. The High Kings

Everybody knows I love Music Photography and one group I really love to shoot are The High Kings.  They are a great Irish Trad Group and every now and again they visit Fermanagh on their endless travels and each time they've visited I've met up with the four blokes.  The High Kings are Darren Holden, Finbarr Clancy, Brian Dunphy and Martin Furey.  I only listed their names in that order as that's how they normally appear on stage.  As usual, they had the place rocking and although the lighting broke down I still managed to squeeze loads of good shots out of it.  I have the privledge of calling them my friends now and the banter back stage has to be heard to be believed.  You never know what they'll come out with!  As ever, music comes first in their lives and when they take to stage they bring their own style to old classics and I have to say I'm looking forward to their new album which will include their own songs.  To be honest these guys have been writing their own music for years and were and still are successful in their own right.  Check the links to their names above to find out a little more or just Google them. 

You can see the photos from our latest get together here and if you want to know more about The High Kings themselves you can visit their official website here


The High KingsThe High Kings

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New Novel "Crying Wolf" by Donnie Phair Hiya Folks,

not content with just taking photos I've taken the auld keyboard out, decided to become an author and wrote me a book entitled "Crying Wolf".  It's based in Fermanagh and is based on a series of Werewolf attacks.  It's got a bit of everything thrown in but with it being based locally it's full of Irish Banter and Wit and is guaranteed to have you howling! 

You can purchase or view a demo here!Crying Wolf by Donnie PhairCrying Wolf by Donnie Phair.

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Brewster Brawl Fight Night Fermanagh GAA PLayer Kane Connor and Fermanagh Manager Peter Canavan.Brewster Brawl Weigh-In for the Fermanagh GAA Players.

Really Looking forward to Fermanagh Event of the year as Brewster Park in Enniskillen holds a night of boxing entitled "Brewster Brawl".  I know most of the people taking part so it'll be fun to watch them to toe-to-toe with eachother.  I had great fun taking photos at the weigh-in as the guys had a bit of banter as anticipation and maybe a wee bit of nerves started setting in.  These guys are fit and with most still on active duty for the clubs and counties they are quite accustomed to taking hard hits.  It promises to be one hell of a night in itself but not content with just having one night of entertainment there'll also be music in the form of Nathan Carter, The Borderline Players present a comedy play entitle "Cash on Delivery", monster Bingo and more. 

UPDATE: The Brewster Brawl Photos can be found here.


(Donnie Phair Photography) Brewster Brawl Donnie Phair Enniskillen Fermanagh Fermanagh GAA Fight Night GAA boxing fight Wed, 21 Nov 2012 12:59:04 GMT now accepting Australian Dollars! Great news for those living down under regarding my website  I've hooked up with two Photo Processing Labs in Australia and so now payment can be made in Australian Dollars for any photos and also as the stuff is made and posted from Australia you'll get the goods super quick.  It also keeps the economy going over there as everything is kept local.  Just doing my bit for our Australian relatives!

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Fortstock is gonna be Massive. This day week I'm heading to Clones in County Monaghan to photograph what is going to be a massive Festival.  Spread over two days Fortstock promises to be one hell of a weekend with Irish stars galore.  Ryan Sheridan, Mundy, The Stars from the Commitments, The Strypes, The Rubberbandits, The 4 of Us, Pat McManus and loads more are all going to be there for your entertainment.  I'm really excited about the snaps I'm going to get but what's really getting me going is that this festival is going to be the first of many Fortstock Festivals.  It's starting off massive and is only going to grow in stature.  Check out the Fortstock website here.  If you haven't already bought tickets, it's time to get moving.  The link for online ticket sales is here

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The BBC Blandings Production Team Out and About I had the great pleaure to meet up with some the the Production team behind the new BBC Comedy Blandings in the Watermill Restaurant near Lisnaskea.  The photographs can be found on my May 2012 Folder in the Newspaper Archive folder.  Let hope the series will be a massive success and the crew have to return time and time again. I could have taken photos of Timothy Spalls and other actors when I was at Crom Estate for a walk with my three daughters but didn't want to intrude.  Damn my integrity!!!!

For photos of some of the cast and crew please click here.

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Photographic Archive now Posting Worldwide. Have just partnered with various labs around the UK and USA so photos purchased can now be ordered and delivered Worldwide.  It took some doing and a lot of time and energy but the whole Photographic Archive which itself entails about 10,000 images along with the Landscape photos can now be ordered not just as prints but mugs, t-shirts, fridge magnets and more to just about anywhere.  I do hope you enjoy this service.

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