Ordering from the Website.


First of all this website is verified safe by Symantec with a Norton Safe Seal Approval, probably the biggest online security company in the world.  You will notice in the payments section when ordering that the address bar goes green with "https" in the address or if Googling the website and have Norton installed it has a green tick beside it to show the site has been tested.  The link for the test by Norton is here.

Secondly, when using a Smart Phone to browse the site it limits the amount of options available due to the size of the website.  This also prevents you placing orders.  If you do wish to place orders via your phone or have the full options available just scroll to bottom of screen and choose "Desktop".  It will then appear as it would on a normal computer with full functions. 

Payment can be made by Visa Card, Mastercard or Paypal and once paid it'll be posted directly to the address of your choosing. Payment is taken by an independent company, strictly verified and therefore even I can't view your credit card details! You don't even have to register an account. It's as simple as that. 


To order:

1. Find your photo or Photos.  Whenever possible I have put peoples names to the photos so in the search box or at the magnifying you can enter their name, eg "Tom Jones".  All photos that have a "Tom" and a "Jones" will appear.  Now that may mean "Tom Reilly" and "Richard Jones" may appear also if they appear in a photo together but the Original "Tom Jones" should be amongst them.  You can also find it with an event or place, eg "Lisnaskea Festival" will bring up the Lisnaskea Festival for all the years it has been on or the name of a football club eg "Enniskillen Rangers" will bring up all their matches or events. You should also try names without using the Fodas ie "Caolán" should be tried "Caolan" and also try taking out the apostrophe ie, O'Hanlon is OHanlon.  I do try my best to have the correct spelling down but I've seen people spelling their own name wrong when they've had a few or friends spelling it wrong on purpose or giving me the wrong name entirely! 

2. Hover over "BUY".  It's just above the photo selected right next to "add to favorites".  It will bring up three options:

Select Product.  Choosing this will open up a screen which shows you all the different products available which you can then select for your photo to be reproduced in eg, A normal photographic Print, Framed Print, Mug etc.  When the choice is made just choose "add to cart" and then you can either "Preview and configure" which allows to to crop and centre the photo depending on the size of the print or you can just choose "View Shoppping cart" and have a list of what orders you have made in.  You also have the option here to remove or add more copies or change products or follow the instructions to pay at the "Checkout". 

Save for Purchasing Later.  This is the same as adding to Favourites and is very handy for some when wanting to share photos amongst friends or family.  When the photo is chosen a wee pop-down screen will appear in the top left hand side.  You can also choose multiple photos without adding them to the cart and then when you have enough you can either order them through the shopping cart or even email a friend a link to your favourites so they can see what you've come across and even order them, themselves.  It will also be saved for few weeks in case you can't order them there and then and allows you to return to them for buying later. 

View Cart.  This shows a breakdown of what you have settled on so far before commiting to buy.


When you are happy with the Shopping Cart and the different products, just choose "Checkout Now" or if you wish to use Paypal just choose "Checkout with Paypal" in the wee yellow box. 

It's just a matter of following the instructions and placing the order.  It's all secured and as I mentioned before, I have no way of viewing Credit Card details whatsoever.  

Postage: Products which have ordered in the EU will be posted from England where I have sourced my pro-lab which makes the products. Products ordered from the USA and Canada are made in the USA. I do not see or handle your goods as they will be posted directly to the address of your choosing. 

Happy Purchasing and I hope they bring you joy for years to come.