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Working as a Sports Photographer is something I love. It's very technical and demanding and quite a bit different from most other types of photography.  With sports you literary have to be on the ball.  The action is fast most of the time and you have to think on your feet.  I've been doing it for some years now and have recently upgraded my equipment to ensure I capture the best shots I can no matter the conditions.

Sports Photographers I think are generally over-looked and don't get the respect they deserve.  Working in freezing conditions or in the lashing rain while trying to capture shots takes a special type of guy to stand or sit there and face the harshness of mother nature.  Most photographers can take a good shot in great weather with the sun shining and the birds singing but to go out into the elements with poor lighting, rain bouncing of your lens and your knees and hands shaking with the cold is another matter.  It's not just a matter of photographing people running about with a ball at their feet or hand.  You have to capture a shot in context and motion.  To do this you have to be able to read the various games, know the best point of postion is according to the players and hope and pray something comes your way!  Being a great Sports Photographer is not something that happens over night.  It's a learning curve that never ends.  As equipment gets better and cameras get faster the man behind it all still has to have the experience to know how, where and what to shoot.  That's where I come in.  It's variable.  It challenges.  It's why I love it.


If you can shoot Sports, you can shoot just about anything. 


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