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Donnie Phair - Author/Writer.

Fermanagh Photographer becomes writer!

Not content with working as a Press Photographer and building a library of Images I've also turned my hand to writing Novels based in Ireland.  My first book which was released through Amazon Kindle is entitled "Crying Wolf" and I have another two waiting in the wings to be released.  I've actually been writing on/off since I was in my teens but never took it seriously.  Keeping in mind that there were loads of historical or factual books on Fermanagh I wrote "Crying Wolf" which brought some adventure to contemporary Fermanagh.  I fell in love with writing novels even though they are hard work and finding the time to write them is difficult. 



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John and his girlfirend Julie are attacked by a Werewolf high in the hills of rural Ireland. Having barely made it out alive they turn to the police for help but are shocked by their lack of understanding citing it as an animal attack. John refuses to let another attack happen and takes it onto himself to prevent it. He enlists the help of his closest friends and a work mate to lend a hand but the bodies soon start piling up.

Although based around a werewolf attack, the book is loaded with Irish humour and wit. As much a comedy at times as it is Supernatural Thriller it should appeal to a broad base of readers.

If you wish, you can purchase or leave a review of Crying Wolf here.